SALUTE A LEGEND: 2 Pac – Just A Breath Of Freedom (4 Nelson Mandela)(A Poem)

Stumbled upon this piece a while back and I just thought that I should share with you today.
A poem written by Tupac Amaru Shakur – labeled as Track 50 on ” THE ROSE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE (BOOK)” (pages 104 – 105).

It goes like:

“… Held captive 4 your politics
They wanted 2 break your soul
They ordered the extermination
of all minds they couldn’t control
4 u the fate was far worse
than just a brutal homicide
They caged u like an animal
and watched u slowly die inside
As u Breathe your first air of freedom
on the day u become a free man
Raise your Regal Brow in Pride
4 now you R in God’s Hands
The life of many were given
so that the day would one day come
That the devils in Power at Pretoria
would pay for the evil crimes they’ve done …”



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