SALUTE THE ART TrackLane: Killer A

This is a tracklane from one of the finest yunginz coming from the streets of Ermelo in Mpumalanga.

On my side, it’s actually been quite pleasant listening to the boy’s bars (whereby I’ve found myself tossing in a couple of collabo’s with him – soon to be heard!.) .
From blazing hot bars on beats just for the heck of it to being the first winner of 5FM’s “HipHop PowerNights” #BeatYourGame series.

Anyway, peek out his joints here.. Brought to you by Salute The Art Music:

1. “The Murder” (feat. Globe-Trotter & L-Din)
2. “Stay Schemin’ (MP Version)(feat. King- D & L-Din)”
3. “Champions (Kings of MP Rap) by The Prototypes
4. “Inveighder (City Is Mine – #BeatYourGame entry)
5. “We On Fire” by The Prototypes
6. “F**kin Anthem (feat. King-D)”
7. “Sex Dream” (feat. King-D & L-Din)

Courtesy Of PrototypeMusic!



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