PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT: Killer A’s 18th B-Day Celebration(+ New Exclusive Track)

Like every other kid on the block – we all reach the point where our life-span tends to grow a bar higher!

Years are like rap bars also – and the boy Killer-A’s birthday is on the 20th of March 2013 – but it’s best if you join him on Thursday (The 21st of March 2013) and watch him rap his 18th bar.


Date: 21 March 2013
Venue: Ermelo Sports Inn (next To Pet Dam)
Time: 6PM till Late


Performances :
E.O.S (Eye On Script)
The Prototypes

DJ Vengy
DJ Anele
The Pro

As a free gift, the birthday boy is also dropping a NEW track “Started From The Bottom Remix” featuring Gii …

Join the kid in this AWESOME 18th Celebration !!! Like krump – It’s gonna BE BUCK BUCK WILD!!!!!

Watch The Space, Support The Boy and Salute MP Art!!!!!

Catch him on Twitter: @Killer__A



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