Throwback: Belfast Jamz (Part 1)

Now and then I will post up a couple of my favorite joints (no matter how aged they are).

These joints will obviously be coming from the local market to be exact – no matter the location of where katz be blazing from – AS LONG AS they are products of SOUTH AFRICA.

The first post will be obviously two joints.
The first one being “Life Of A Dreamer” by Loosebutton & Churchboi Tabzz (Prod. By Loosebutton, Co-Prodm by Churchboi Tabzz).
The second one is “Promises” by Loosebutton. Both these tracks come from two katz who hail from a town called Belfast (In The Mpumalanga Area).

Blissful tracks – bringing them back for those that haven’t taken recognition of ’em yet – knowing that some talent is missed.

Anyway, enough yepping – Enjoy & SaluteTheArt!

Download Links:

1) “Life Of A Dreamer” (Link #1)
1) “Life Of A Dreamer” (Link #2)
2) “Promises”



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