Public Service Announcement : New Tracks Coming (Valentine’s Special)

..Once Upon A Time.. While walking down on the lane of music..uhmmm..” Lol..eff this.. So like fam, it’s like this..

Valentine’s Day/Month is coming soon and rappers outchea are falling in love. As prezzies, they are willing to give out free tracks for yal.

First track that’s dated to drop is called “Sex Dream” by Killer-A featuring Prototype members L-Din & King-D. Slated to drop on the 1st of February 2013 (Cover art will be available this Friday – 25/01/2013).

Second track slated for a drop on the 3rd of February 2013 is titled “Pillow Talk” by Churchboi Tabzz … (Cover art will be available on the 30/01/2013)..

Watch the Space!!! You Don’t Want To Miss This Out..

It’s Prototype Music and Salute The Art!
Peace! 😉

UPDATE: Audio of Killer-A’s Announcement – @Killer__A’s VN


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